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Sekampit Beras Satu Keluarga

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

ERA’s giving tradition continues this Ramadan, in Cabaran Ramadan ERA that offers RM15,000 worth of products. However, we are doing it differently this time around, as we need your help to nominate charity homes from all around Peninsula Malaysia that you think should receive the donation, on ERA’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

The process is going to be very exciting. 15 influencers will receive a mystery box from ERA, which contains a challenge to cook an iftar meal. The catch is, they are allowed to use ONLY Beras Sultan Basmathi ERA along with other ingredients from inside the box! Once done, they will then proceed to choose 15 charity homes from your list of nominees, randomly.

These mystery boxes will later be delivered to the selected charity homes, with the assistance of Malaysia Outreach Volunteer Experience (MOVE). Excited yet? Now play your parts, and help us to help them!

In addition, ERA continues to show our appreciation on your endless support by giving you chance to win some duit raya worth up to RM 20,000 in Peraduan Kotak Misteri ERA. This contest, which will run from the 13th of April to the 6th of May 2021, will have 4 different weekly themes. Lucky winners will be announced every week – and one of whom could be you!

For more detailed information about the campaign and the contest, follow @ERAFoodsMy on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to turn on your notification, and share this good news with your loved ones, as ERA Enak Dinikmati Bersama!

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