Sambal Udang Petai with ERA Sultan Premium Basmathi Rice


8 Large Prawns (De-shell and leave the tails)

1 Cup of Petai


To blend:

1 Red Onion

3 Cloves of Garlic 

1 Tbsp Belacan paste

1/4 Cup Dried Chili paste

1/4 Cup Cooking Oil 

3 Tbsp Tamarind juice

3 Tbsp Sugar

1 tsp Salt


2 Cups Beras Sultan Premium Basmathi ERA, washed and soaked for 30 mins before cooking



  1. Heat the cooking oil in a large pot then fry the blended ingredients until fragrant and you can see the oil separates from the chili paste.
  2. Add tamarind juice and season to taste
  3. Add in prawns, then simmer to cook until the gravy becomes thick.
  4. Add in petai last and stir fry for less than a minute.
  5. Dish out and serve hot with steamed Sultan Premium Basmati rice.